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Are You Prepared for Revival & a Great Harvest of Souls?

Spirit-filled  Christians, Ministries & Churches,

Some are saying a global revival has already began and many are saying it's very close. History shows that revival will only come to those who pray and prepare. It will only be sustained by doing the same thing that got Him to come and rest in His Presence.


Are you praying for and believing for the Fiery Presence of God to come and rest upon you in sustained revival that will usher in a great harvest of souls?

Have you thought about how you will handle the great influx of souls?

Have you thought about how you will disciple them all and minister to your group of young Christian’s needs? (Acts 2:42-45)

As an equipping ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12) are preparing for revival and harvest.

  • We are preparing to pray for revival.

  • We are preparing to minister and live in sustain revival.

  • We are preparing to minister in revival meetings.

  • We are preparing to make disciples that make disciples.

  • We are preparing to equip Discipleship Group Leaders. 

  • We are preparing to equip people to live a powerful & fruitful Christian life.

  • We are preparing to train Prayer Teams for ministry times, prophecy, healing & deliverance as well as for larger corporate & mass gatherings.

  • We are preparing to train Evangelistic Teams for public outreach & our people for one-on-one personal ministry.

  • We are preparing to equip people to be able to give wise Biblical counsel to those around them.

  • We are preparing to do this with all ages at their level especially children, youth & young adults.

How can we help you prepare?

For any questions email us at :


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