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Ministry Equipping School
Equipping a Generation to Live Like Jesus Lived & Do What Jesus Did in Sustained Revival

The GEN217  Ministry Equipping School will equip the students to fulfill our Mission & Vision as well as to to minister in the 7 Mountains of Society: 

1. Family
2. Religion – (Spirituality)
3. Business – (Economy, Finance)
4. Politics – (Government)
5. Education
6. Media – (Communication)
7. Arts – (Entertainment, Celebration, Sports) 

This is while living in and carrying God's Manifest Presence in Sustained Revival into whatever Mountain(s) they are called into.

GEN217  Ministry Equipping School is an 11 month intensive self-study program with once a week online and archived 2 hour time for teaching, review, Q&A and prayer.

Graduates will receive a diplomia and a chance to work with this ministry if they desire or be sent out into any other of the other 7 Mountains they believe they are called into.

All the graduates are taught and experience can be easily reproduced in the lives of those they minister to and disciple in their Mountain(s). If you desire continued connection with apostolic oversite, help, counsel and prayer grads of the Ministry Equipping School can attend or 9 month Church Planting & Leadership School and become an ordained member of the GEN217NETWORK.

Take a Gap Year before full-time work or college to be equipped in full-time ministry.

Gap Year Stats.webp
$999 One Time or $99 a Month for 11 Months
Projected to Begin Fall of 2024 
(Plus Books & Manuals)
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