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Mission & Vision

All Ministry We Do will Come From this Mission & Vision
Equip a Generation to Live Like Jesus Lived & Do What Jesus Did in God's Manifest Presence in Sustained Revival
IT IS A VISION to prayerfully create & maintain an atmosphere for God to come & rest to experientially encounter, transform & empower a generation of children, youth, their parents, young adults & all who desire to live in & carry God's Manifest Presence in Sustained Revival into their everyday lives.
IT IS A VISION that this will create radical, bold, hungry, yielded, laid down lovers, wholly given with reckless devotion to Jesus as Lord & Savior who will be equipped to live like Jesus lived & do what Jesus did at any cost with everyone around them.
IT IS A VISION that they will also be used by God to meet the physical & material needs of those they minister to as He provides.

Why GEN217 with New Mission & Vision?

Originally as Children's Life International God had called us in the Philippines to reach poor children and their families exclusively. 

Since the world is changing so drastically and the coming of Jesus is getting closer and closer every day, He has has expanded & enlarged our focus to equipping a generation to live like Jesus lived & do what Jesus did in sustained revival. This is so He can reach more children, youth, families & young adults to carry His Manifest Presence with them into the world around them while also still helping poor children & their families.

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