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More About Pastor Steve & the GEN217 Podcast

Pastor Steve’s Ministry Experience


GEN217 Mission & Vision


How Pastor Steve Ministers

There is no boasting in anything said below because it only happens by the Holy Spirit.

I guess you could say it's a warning for those who haven't seen or heard Pastor Steve minister. It can be very different from what most have experienced. He'll say and do anything he thinks the Spirit wants to. It's not better than others but different and for only those called to encounter God in this way.

Pastor Steve when standing and preaching publicly and depending on who's present or to whom the Spirit is speaking to he can be used by the Spirit to minister with very powerful fiery convicting messages for the good of the hearers and in love for redemptive purposes.

When sitting and ministering the Spirit moves in a different way by just talking and teaching with some silliness and laughing. Most podcasts will be done from his office in this form unless on location somewhere else

The thing is as Pastor Steve yields to the Spirit when ministering you never know for sure what He will say or do through him, but it will be with a lot of the Word in power to be sure.

Many times, the Spirit will move in the Gifts of the Spirit through him especially prophecy, Words of Wisdom & Knowledge as well as deliverance , healing & signs & wonders.

Sometimes the Spirit will use Pastor Steve’s past & testimony and be very transparent through him about his own life and ministry experiences both good and bad.

The target group the Spirit has for ministry will be children, youth & their parents, young adults and those who are hungry for more of God at any cost.

Pastor Steve's first goal when ministring is for it to be by the Spirit with the Word to save, heal, deliver, baptizes in the Holy Spirit  & Fire  and to speak into any lives God wills for edification.

The second goal is to then make disciples of those who desire and spiritually father any one from the group mentioned above as well as those called into ministry. He will train, equip, support and send them out into their ministry as they become a part of the GEN217 Apostolic Network.

Through the Network Pastor Steve will always be there for them in prayer cover, continual training and equipping, with Godly wisdom and counsel and to help when they need it as any father would.

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