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Pre-Deliverance Process

  1. Go to the Deliverance Ministry Page and thoroughly read the materials about deliverance and the other materials if they are appropriate for you to have understanding of and receive real salvation with Jesus as Lord & Savior. If you desire freedom please fill out the form on this Page.

  2. While your waiting for us to contact you please watch all 11 Free Indeed Videos.

  3. Then go to the GIVE NOW! at the bottom of this page and give accordingly as the Lord purposes on your heart. Our ministry is only funded by offereings and donations from gracious people like you. 

  4. When we receive the form, we will try to contact you within 72 hours to schedule your session.

Please watch all 11 Free Indeed videos.

Deliverance Subjects Teachings
Most deliverance subjects below with questions have teachings to explain them. They are either, video, audio or text form.

Pre-Deliverance Form
Marital Status

Thanks for submitting!

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