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COMING 2025!


To Equip a Generation to Live Like Jesus Lived & Do What Jesus Did in Sustained Revival


To be a church that is planted a geographical location(s) directed by the Spirit for people to attend in person while maintaining the online church for those outside the geographical location(s).

To be a church that is first and foremost a resting place for God’s Manifest Presence in sustained revival for all church activities and members lives. (Isaiah 66:1-2 & Psalm 12:1-5, 13-18)

To be a church of prayer & intercession to bring in, give place to & keep God’s Manifest Presence to continue in sustained revival.


To be a church with a strong ministry focus towards children, youth & young adults.

They will be discipled, spiritually parented, trained, equipped, supported and sent out into their world as radical, hungry, yielded, holy, righteous, obedient, Holy Spirit & Fire Baptized, Fiery Presence carrying, praying intercessors, Word speaking, laid down lovers, wholly given with reckless devotion to Jesus as Lord & Savior who will live like He lived and do what He did in sustained revival at any cost to expand the revival, GEN217CHURCH & God’s Kingdom throughout the nations of the world.

To be a church with the apostolic led ministry of Acts 2:41-45 & the purpose of the five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4:11-16.

To be a church of Cell Groups called Discipleship Groups that will make disciples that make disciples, spiritually parent, train, equip, send, and support them to minister in their GEN217CHURCH, lead Discipleship Groups and do the work of the ministry.


​To be a church of Cell/Discipleship Groups who minister to the needs of their members in homes to study the Word, have fellowship, pray, and evangelize those around them to bring them into their Groups.

Most ministry of GEN217CHURCH’s members is done through the Discipleship Groups.


To be a church that is Spirit & Body dependent and not senior leadership dependent. Everyone is equipped to minister to one another in the church once released and outside the church. Senior Pastors and leaders of Groups, Ministry Teams and the five-fold ministry are to equip our members, pray for them, give wise counsel, be there for accountability and give apostolic and pastoral oversite.

The members of the Groups which is the church do the work of the ministry at home, their neighborhoods and workplaces.

To be a church with a local influence and a global vision. Every member will be equipped to minister to those around them and some will be sent out into other states & nations.​ There will be a very strong emphasis on mercy ministry in reaching the poor especially children locally and internationally.

Why GEN217?

The name GEN217 comes from Acts 2:17 speaking of the Holy Spirit falling upon multiple generations of children, youth, young adults, adults & seniors confirmed in Acts 2:39. Then all of  Acts 2 & Ephesians 1:17- 23 & 4:11-16 supporting the church's overall purpose for existing.

A Church of Discipleship Groups

The GEN217CHURCH as a church of Discipleship Groups will begin in homes and online. We are a church made up of Groups and not a church with Groups.

The Discipleship Groups are the church.

Intercessory prayer will begin for the Group leaders and future Group members before the Groups are formed.

It's in these Discipleship Groups we will make disciples that will make disciples but also, we will train and equip future Discipleship Groups Leaders so the Groups can multiply.

Once we have enough Discipleship Groups, we will begin to have Sunday morning celebrations for all Groups to attend online and geographically when possible.

Sunday Celebrations and Revival Weekends

As the Spirit comes to rest, we will also be adding in person & online weekend Revival Weekend Meetings.

Once we have Sunday Celebrations and Revival Weekends we will offer healing, deliverance, and prophecy teams for our members, the public to come and receive ministry & online.

​We will train Discipleship Groups or some of each of their members for these teams.

All those that want to be a part of any ministry of GEN217CHURCH must be a regular attending and contributing part of a Discipleship Group or leading one.


5 Year Ministry Goal

While in sustained revival and with the Spirit & Word we desire to radically save, heal, deliver, transform, water baptize, Baptize in the Holy Spirit & Fire, disciple, spiritually parent, train, support and send out into their world as a church of 300 maintained members and in 25 Discipleship Groups of 12. These Discipleship Groups will consist of children, youth & young adults with older seasoned mature Christians helping to oversee and spiritually parent. They all will carry the Fire of God to expand the revival and to do with all the people around them all we prepared them to do and plant more churches & micro churches.

The apostolic led father church GEN217CHURCH being planted now will always attempt to maintain 300+ members as we keep sending out others to expand revival and God's work.

*Mission states the overall purpose for the church/ministry.

Vision explains how the Mission will be fulfilled in the present and future.

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